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Automobiltresor im Meilenwerk Zürichsee
Citroen DS Tissier im Meilenwerk Zürichsee
Porsche 911 Targa am zukünftigen Meilenwerk Berlin

Welcome to the world of Meilenwerk, a forum for driving culture.

The brand Meilenwerk is known for classic car centres, which combine everything the car connoisseur desires under one roof. The concept covers the whole spectrum of classic, stylish and exclusive motoring, whether by vintage or collectors car, motorbikes or boats. A Meilenwerk enfolds having professional companies under one roof, where cars can be acquired or sold, rented, restored or serviced. Service providers and retailer offer everything which is required for this hobby – or what can enrich it. Gentlemen drivers have the opportunity to park and store their exclusive motor cars in special glass boxes. The restaurants, lounges, event and club areas at a Meilenwerk are designed as meeting points for “petrol talk” between tenants, customers and visitors. The outstanding feature of a Meilenwerk is the combination of historical real estate, unique architecture and vintage automobiles. The founder Martin Halder has been developing the Meilenwerk concept since 1999. He and his team were the first worldwide to develop vintage car centres as businesses and not as a hobby. After developing centres in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart under individual companies, in 2010 he finally founded the Meilenwerk AG to strengthen the brand and increase the international development.

Since then Meilenwerk AG is owner of the brand and is responsible for finding, structuring, developing, executing and operating new Meilenwerk locations – as developer, joint-venture partner or consultant to real estate owners and investors. Each property will be developed as branded product and subsequently licensed. At Lake Zurich, Meilenwerk AG is in charge of planning, developing and executing the concept for the location, letting, center- and event management. Meilenwerk AG will also act as lessee of the entire project. With more than ten years experience in redeveloping listed real estate, Martin Halder´s expertise is internationally sought after not only for developing vintage car centres as businesses but developing target-group oriented real estate in general.

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